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Friday, March 13th 2009

5:48 PM

New home for Shape Shifting blog

It's taken some time to finally come to a decision. I've been splitting the Shape Shifting presence between far too many places ... the main site at www.shapeshiftingonline.com, my blog here at Bravenet, MySpace, Facebook, the Yahoo group, BlogTalkRadio, and more that I can't even remember right now. But I've been playing with a social networking site called Ning for a while now, and they seem to offer plenty of very user friendly features. It’s a lot like Facebook, only you can customize it for your own purposes.

There is a forum, a place to post photos, videos, etc. It’s much more fun and interactive than the Yahoo group, and I’m hoping that our move there will liven things up. Please check it out and join me there. The address is:


Any Shape Shifting discussions and/or blogs will take place there. I hope you will take a moment to visit and to subscribe to my new blog's home. Thank you for being loyal subscribers here on Bravenet.

I think we've finally found ourselves a home. Welcome!


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